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 Peace to the brothers and sisters,

and love with faith from

God the Father

and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ephesians 6:23


Prayer  List

  • Family of Ms Sandra Hendrix, mother of Danny & Norma Kay

  • Brynleigh Fromme, daughter of Greg Fromme

  • Brinley Jo Cooper, granddaughter of Robin Eastwood

  • Barbara Aldridge (health)

  • Denise Taylor (health)

  • DOC Tawney friend of Norma Kay

  • Raynee Crabtree (3rd battle with cancer)

  • Helen Eastwood, mother of Clark Eastwood (hip surgery) 

  • Luelle Kennedy (3 year old taking chemo treatments)

  • Pauline Tawney (health)

  • Laiken Mercer (young girl with health issues)

  • Erleen Allison (health) 

  • Bill & Bonnie Pangborn, parents of Pattie Gatehouse (health)

  • Elaine Grubbs (health)

  • LaCresha Hale (health)

  • Melvin & Nancy Linville (health)

  • People struggling in addiction


Prayer list submitted by

Mary Hollabaugh

Mary is also available for prayer at

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