Verse of the Month


      And he has given us this command:                    Those who love God

must also love

their fellow believers.

1 John 4:21


Prayer  List

  • Families of those that have lost to or are fighting COVID-19

  • Ricky Jones (health)

  • Family of member Phillip Starbuck

  • Family of Rhonda Ingram, wife of member Stanley Ingram

  • Joe & Mae Burchfield, parents of Janie Wallace (health)

  • Peggy, wife of John Williams (health)

  •  Kaylan "KayKay" Martin, stem cell transplant

  • Dennis Meyers, surgery (health)

  • Steve Gatehouse, health

  • Mick & Beth Stanton, daughter & grandchildren in car accident 

  • Camey Miller, unspoken

  • Anthony Mendoza, brother of Boomer Jennings (stroke, in therapy)

  • Ms Sandra Hendrix (health)

  • Luelle Kennedy, (3 year old taking chemo treatments)

  • Doc & Pauline Tawney, (health)

  • Lois Conrad, Kimberrly Hawkins mother (health)

  • Laiken Mercer  (young girl with health issues)

  • Erleen Allison (health) 

  • Billy Saunders, friend of Boomer & Jerry (health & dementia decline)

  • Bill & Bonnie Pangborn, parents of Pattie Gatehouse (health)

  • Elaine Grubbs (health)

  • LaCresha Hale (health)

  • Melvin & Nancy Linville (health)


  • Amy Wallace, back pain after surgery... MUCH BETTER!

  • Lane Fromme, eye surgery....... COMPLETELY HEALED!

  • Raynee Crabtree  cancer in colon and bone.... CANCER FREE!

  • Baby Ayla, daughter of Justin & Calie Swiger (struggling with lung health) DOING AMAZING WITHOUT MEDICATION!

Prayer list submitted by

Mary Hollabaugh

Mary is also available for prayer at

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